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Paul Hackett (Griffin Dunn) is a word-processing consultant.  He lives in Manhattan and is bored big time
with his job and his life.  While teaching Lloyd (Bronson Pinchot) how to enter data into a corporate system,
his mind drifts and wonders.  That evening he goes home to his small upper east side apartment, stretches
out on the couch and becomes restless as he clicks through the TV offerings
Paul goes out for a late night dinner at a local eatery.  While reading Miller he meets Marcy (Rosanna
Arquette) and there begins his After Hours journey.
Marcy offers Paul the telephone number of a friend who sells sculptured art work, so when he returns
home he calls the number even though it's after 11 PM.  He talks only briefly to the artist, Kiki, who
quickly turns the call over to Marcy.  To Paul's surprise and pleasure Marcy invites him to 'come over' to
the SoHo loft.  Paul's interest is peaked, he accepts and is off.
Paul jumps into a Checker taxi cab outside his apartment.  During his ride down town the driver is
whipping in and out of the sparse traffic as they travel down town like a bat out of hell.  Paul pulls out a
$20. dollar bill to pay the driver but before the whiplashing ride ends, the 20 flies out the window, he's
apologetic but is forced  to stiff the driver just the same.
Paul rings the doorbell, Kiki Bridges sticks her head out the window and throws the keys to Paul.
When he enters the large loft he finds Kiki (Linda Fiorintino) wearing only a bra and leather skirt.  
She's working on a paper-mache' sculpture which resembles the Scream by Edvard Munch.  Kiki talks him
into doing some work on the sculpture and Paul gets paste on his shirt.  Kiki insists on washing the shirt
and gives Paul another to wear while waiting.
Marcy returns after going to an all night pharmacy.  She and Paul decide to go out for a bite to eat, they
end up in a diner where they discuss The Wizard of Oz and her ex-husbands weird obsession with the film.
The diner waiter (Dick Miller) knows Marcy and tells Paul the meal is "on the house".....
"...Different rules apply........ after hours"  
It's now 1.40 AM when they return to the loft. Paul grabs a kiss in the hallway and they end up in Marcy's
bedroom where she continues to speak of her tragic life.  Paul finally realizes Marcy is some kind of  nut
job, he's tired and begins an argument over nonsense.  He end's up leaving abruptly.
It's now raining, Paul makes his way to the subway, plops down 97 cents which is all he has.  The attendant
(Murray Moston) informs him that the fare went up to $1.50 at midnight. Paul pleads with him to look the
other way, ".....who would know?" but the attendant says  “... I could be at a party, get drunk, talk to
someone... who knows?"  When Paul hears a train coming, he jumps the turnstile and nearly lands in the
arms of a transit cop.  He makes quick excuses for his behavior, turns right around
and leaves.
Back on the rainy street he enters a bar which is almost empty except for a couple dancing, the bar
tender Tom (John Heard) and Julie, a waitress (Teri Garr). Julie allows Paul to sit and not have to order
anything.  Out of the blue she slips him a note saying "Help, I hate this job".   Paul, seeing he's once again
in a strange situation goes to the restroom.  When he returns Julie is sitting at his table, Paul avoids her
and sits at the bar.  Tom is a friendly bar tender and offers to pay for Paul's subway fare so he can get home.
Tom tells Paul there recently have been some burglaries in the neighborhood and he can't remember if
he turned on his apartment alarm.  He asks Paul to check the alarm and while he's there, to get the key
to the bar cash register since it's locked.  Paul agrees to the task in order to earn the $1.50.  Since
they do not know each other, he gives Tom his apartment keys as a trusting gesture.  
Paul goes to the nearby apartment, lets himself in, checks the alarm which was on, gets the cash
register key and returns to the bar but before he can leave the apartment building two of Tom's
neighbors question him thinking he may be the thief.  Paul seems to convince them he had permission
to enter Tom's apartment, he leaves.
While on this was back to the bar he sees two guys putting Kiki's Scream sculpture into the back of a
van.  He yells out to them, they drop the work of art and take off.  
Paul knowing where the sculpture belongs carries it back to Kiki's loft only to find Kiki tied and gagged.
After removing the gag and unraveling the elaborate knot work Kiki tells him that her friends Pepe and
Neil (Tommy Chong & Cheech Marin) actually bought the statue. In walks her boyfriend,  Horst (Will
Patton), who tells Paul they are playing a sex game.
Kiki and Horst in an all too calm and foreboding manner convince Paul he should apologize to Marcy who
has been crying in her room ever since Paul left.  He agrees and goes to Marcy's room where she is lying on
the bed.  He explains his actions and apologizes to Marcy only to find she is dead, having apparently has
overdosed on Seconal.  He yells to Kiki for help but she and Horst have left leaving a note saying they've
gone to Club Berlin.  Paul calls the police anonymously to report the death.
On his way out he spots a twenty dollar bill pasted on the sculpture.  Paul rips it off and stuffs it into his
pocket as he exits the loft.  He's now got money but no keys so he returns to the bar - it's closed.  Julie
sees Paul, says she lives across the street and invites him to her apartment to wait for Tom's return.
As he enters Julies apartment which is retro 60's, music by The Monkeys plays in the background. Paul tells
Julie of Marcy's death but she's a dingbat, unphased she sketches him as he speaks. He looks around and
sees strange things like mouse traps encircling her bed.   
He hears Tom reopening the bar and promises to Julie that he'll return.  Paul hurriedly makes it to the
bar.  Tom says he had to leave to check the apartment since Paul took so long to come back.  Paul
apologizes and returns Tom's keys but the phone rings before Tom can give Paul the buck-fifty and return
his keys.  As Tom listens to the call he yells out  "Marcy, Marcy, Marcy"; he's just learned of Marcy's
suicide. Paul realizes Tom was Marcy's boyfriend.
Paul thinks Julies may go the way of Marcy.  He returns to her apartment to find she’s OK and so happy
that he has returned.  Never-the-less his notion that she is a lunatic is further reinforced.  Paul needs to
get home, he's had it in spades.  He blows her off and rushes out the door.
Paul crosses the street but the bar is once again closed. without his keys, Paul goes to Tom's
apartment - he's not there.  On his way out the neighbors, spot him, he runs off.
Not knowing where to go Paul recalls Kiki and Horst were going to Club Berlin.  He makes it over to the
night club.  The place is featuring Mohawk hair cuts.  Paul is accosted by a burly bouncer who lets him in
but takes him straight to the haircut cage.  His head is being buzzed when he calls out to Kiki and Horst
who are to engaged in conversation to notice.  Screaming and yelling to save his hair he escapes and is back
on the street.
Paul spots a cab dropping off a passenger, he runs to the taxi's window where he finds it's the same
driver he had stiffed earlier.  Happy to repay his debt and get home, he shows the cabbie Kiki's
pasty twenty.  The cabby grabs the bill from his hand and takes off leaving Paul on the street with Gail
(Cathrine O'Hara), the passenger.
Gail invites Paul to her apartment where he can use the phone to call a friend. He gets the number
from information and attempts to dial but Gail starts blurting out random numbers.  Paul can't keep the
number in his head and must redial information.  Meanwhile Gail laughing like a hyena thinking this is
really funny.  He's yet again is with a screwball.  Gail gives Paul some first aid on his arm that was cut
when the cab sped off.  
Paul's shoulder has a piece of paper-mache news print stuck to it.  Gail reads the article which tells of a
homeless man who was beaten to death buy a marauding mob.  She expresses an odd amusement
which ticks Paul off, he begins to rag to her about how he's stuck in the neighborhood and must get
Gail tells him she has a Mister Softee ice-cream truck and that she'll take him home.  As they walk
through the wet street to a nearby alley where the truck is parked, Gail sees a wanted poster with Paul's
face.  Gail pulls out a whistle and blows loudly, soon a large mob of neighbors come to her aid. Paul takes
off for his life.  He runs to an alley and scampers up a fire escape to hide from the angry mob. While there
he is witness to a homicide.
When he thinks all is clear Paul's back on the street where he meets a meek homosexual man, Alex
(Robert Plunket). He lets Alex pick him up to get into the man's apartment so he can call the police for help
but the desk sergeant thinks the story about a mob out to kill him is bunk and hangs up on him.  Paul is
freaked out,  his mind is racing to make some sense of it all.  He begins to tell Alex the story from
beginning to end.  The scene unfolds some time later with Paul ending with "... I just wanted to leave my
apartment, maybe meet a nice girl and now I gotta die for it?!"
Paul looks out Alex's window to see Julie sticking up wanted posters on lamp poles.  He runs out on the
street, calls to her but she's rides off on a bicycle with a basket full of posters.  He sees posters plastered all
over the neighborhood and it dawn's upon him that Julie has been up to some spite work.
It's now past 4.00 AM.  Paul returns to the diner where he sees Tom who has just come back from the
morgue after ID'ing Marcy's body.  Tom is distraught but agrees to help him since he knows Paul is not the
burglar.  They hear a commotion outside,  Tom says he'll check it out and let Paul know when it's OK but as
soon as he leaves, he talks to Gail who leads the mob into the diner.  Paul barely has
time to escape.
Not knowing where to go Paul goes back to Club Berlin with the intention to meet up with Kiki and
Horst but when he arrives the place is completely different.  There is hardly any one in the place.  It's
about 5.00 AM. In the back of the club he meets a middle-aged women named June (Vera Bloom) who
comforts him until they hear the mob entering the club.  June takes Paul to the basement of the club
where she has a sculpture studio.
While in the basement studio Paul inadvertently dumps plaster all over himself.  They hear the mob
above, knowing they will soon be in the basement, June sits Paul down and quickly paper-mache's
him head to toe.  Gail and her mob enter the basement but leave when they are unable to find Paul.
By this time he is completely encased in mache.  June leaves him to make sure all is clear.
As Paul sits plastered up in the darkness of the basement who should break from an outside entrance
but Neil and Pepe.  The Paul sculpture resembles Kiki's work and the two thieves think they have
found the sculpture left behind earlier.  They load the Paul into the back of the van which is loaded with
all kinds of stuff they had been stealing throughout the night.
With a full truck and dawn breaking, Neil and Pepe decide they have enough.  They race uptown
through the streets of lower Manhattan.  As they come zipping around one corner the doors in the back
of the van swing open and the Paul falls out.  The hardened plaster breaks up, Paul emerges from the white
dust.  Low and behold he's back in front of his office building just as the enormous brass gates are opening
for that days business.  Paul goes to his desk and signs onto his terminal.  
Another boring day on the job begins!